Photos. Select Your Cherished Memories

The process of selecting your cherished memories from your portrait session is a crucial part of ensuring that your final images truly reflect your vision and capture the essence of who you are. I am committed to provide a comprehensive and personalized photo selection experience that will allow you to choose the images that best represent your style and personality.

Image curation. Narrowing down

With potentially hundreds of images from your session, narrowing down the selection may take time but it will be fun! We will identify the shots that best represent your personal style and the message you wish to convey. Together we will curate a collection of images that tell a compelling story.

Expert retouching. Polishing your shots

Once you have chosen your desired images, I will meticulously work on each photo to ensure that they are polished and perfected. My goal is to create stunning,  high quality images, having that natural look and feel that you will be proud to display and share.

Delivery. Receiving your photos

I think that you are eager to receive your final images as soon as possible. I strive to deliver your final photos within a week of your session, allowing you to enjoy your cherished memories without unnecessary delays. Your images will be provided in high resolution digital format via online gallery.