Edited vs Retouched

Just a quick explanation about the differences between edited and retouched photos.
Below is the same photo which was retouched and edited. Yes, this example is a bit extreme as this kind of editing can be called as `custom` editing. I`ve used it just to show main differences between retouching and editing.

Every photo needs some editing - white balance, tone and colour adjustments, contrast, exposure, noise reduction, resizing, cropping. All those would be done to get a consistent look and make them usable for your personal branding needs.
All photos selected by you would be edited at no extra cost.

After editing next step would be retouching. That would include adding a bit more sparkle into your eyes and lips, removing flyaway hairs, temporary skin imperfections (for example pimples, blemishes), smoothing skin, removing unwanted creases in clothes.Retouching services comes as standard with some packages but can be done on any photo for additional fee*.

Custom editing would be a next step when working on photos. That is a completely optional step but is you want to improve facial features or cures of your body, make lips standout or add additional makeuo everything can be done according to your guidelines and request.
Custom editing can be done on any photo for additional fee*.

* Fee depends on complexity of work and is subject to agreement