The Best Wedding Photography Styles to Capture Your Big Day in 2023

Choosing the right wedding photography style is a vital step in ensuring your special day is captured in a way that resonates most with your personality and vision. Each style we've explored—Traditional, Photojournalistic, Fine Art, Editorial, Dramatic, Vintage, Lifestyle, and Natural Light—offers unique elements that can make your wedding photos a cherished keepsake for years to come.

 If you favor structured, classic images, Traditional Wedding Photography could be your ideal fit. For those of you who are drawn to candid, authentic moments, you might consider a Photojournalistic or Lifestyle approach. The Fine Art style could appeal to couples who want their wedding photos to carry a distinct artistic flair, while Editorial may suit those looking for dramatic, high-fashion inspired imagery.


The Dramatic style, with its emphasis on unique lighting and composition, could be perfect for couples wanting to capture the emotional depth of their wedding day. Vintage style, on the other hand, offers a nostalgic, timeless feel to your photographs. And lastly, Natural Light Wedding Photography could be the style for you if you're planning an outdoor wedding or appreciate the ethereal beauty of natural light in your images.


Each of these styles is capable of creating stunning visuals that tell your unique love story. It's all about finding a style and a photographer whose vision aligns with yours. Remember, it's your big day, and the way it's captured should reflect the essence of who you are as a couple. May your chosen style serve as the perfect backdrop to a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable memories.


Lastly, don't forget to communicate openly with your photographer about your desires and expectations. The right professional will take time to understand your vision and translate it into images you'll treasure for a lifetime. In the end, the perfect wedding photography style for you is the one that feels most personal, exciting, and meaningful to you and your partner.


Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional Wedding Photography, also known as classic wedding photography, is a timeless style that has been at the heart of weddings for decades. It is a photography style that emphasizes posed, formal photos, with the photographer playing an active role in guiding and directing the shots. This style is often associated with classic poses that capture key moments of the wedding day, including the couple's first look, the first dance, and cutting the cake. Family group photos, bridesmaid and groomsmen photos, and various ceremony and reception shots are also usually included.


What sets traditional wedding photography apart from other styles is its commitment to time-honored wedding poses and arrangements. This style typically results in more formal and posed photographs, designed to create perfect and timeless portraits that capture the beauty and elegance of the wedding day. This doesn't mean that there's no room for creativity in this style. On the contrary, a skilled traditional wedding photographer can play with angles, compositions, and backgrounds to create stunning and unique images. However, the focus is typically on achieving polished, formal photos that capture the essential, pre-determined moments of the day.


There are several reasons why a couple might choose traditional wedding photography for their big day. First, it ensures that all the essential wedding moments and elements will be documented. This style is often chosen by couples who want to ensure that they will have formal photos of key moments and family members to look back on in the future. Traditional wedding photography also offers a sense of reliability and structure, as it follows a set list of shots and poses. This approach reduces the risk of missing any crucial moments and can be a source of comfort for couples who want to make sure every important detail of their day is captured.


Moreover, traditional wedding photography often appeals to couples who have a more formal or classic wedding theme. The style aligns well with a grand church wedding, an elegant ballroom reception, or any setting that exudes a sense of tradition and formality. However, it's important to remember that this style is incredibly versatile and can work beautifully with a wide range of wedding themes.


Lastly, traditional wedding photography might be chosen because of its universal appeal. The formal, classic shots produced in this style are generally appreciated by people of all ages. They have a timeless quality that doesn't go out of style. This means that your wedding photos will be something you, your family, and future generations can look back on with admiration.


Choosing traditional wedding photography means opting for a tried-and-true approach that guarantees a certain level of formality and coverage. While this style may not be as candid or spontaneous as others, it offers a distinct elegance and precision that many couples find appealing. A professional photographer skilled in traditional wedding photography can provide you with a beautiful collection of formal photographs that honor the timeless rituals and moments that make a wedding day special.


Photojournalistic (Documentary) Wedding Photography

 Photojournalistic or Documentary Wedding Photography is a distinctive style that is more akin to storytelling than traditional portraiture. It's inspired by the world of journalism, where the key objective is to report the truth of a situation, capturing moments as they happen spontaneously. In the context of a wedding, photojournalistic photography aims to tell the story of the day, documenting the candid, unplanned moments that often hold the most emotional significance.


Unique features of this style lie in its unobtrusive, observational approach. A photojournalistic wedding photographer, much like a news reporter, strives to be a fly on the wall, quietly capturing the day's events as they unfold naturally. This style is less about meticulously arranged poses and more about capturing the raw, genuine moments and emotions that make up the tapestry of the wedding day. It could be a tearful smile from the mother of the bride, a tender glance between the couple during their vows, or the spontaneous laughter of guests during the reception. These candid moments, captured unfiltered, provide a sincere and moving narrative of the wedding day.


The photojournalistic approach often includes a mix of wide-angle shots to show the event's context and close-ups to capture intimate moments and details. In this way, the entire wedding day is documented in a visual narrative that reflects the joy, tears, excitement, and myriad emotions that are experienced. What results is an authentic representation of the day that often contains unexpected and heartfelt moments.


This style of wedding photography would best suit couples who want their wedding photographs to reflect the real, unscripted moments of their day. It's an excellent choice for those who aren't fond of posing for the camera and prefer a more relaxed and authentic documentation of their wedding. If you and your partner value the candid, in-between moments just as much, if not more than the formally posed shots, then the photojournalistic style might be ideal for you.


Furthermore, photojournalistic wedding photography is a great fit for couples who want their wedding to feel like a lively, dynamic story rather than a formal event. If you envision your wedding album as a narrative of your special day, filled with genuine emotion and spontaneous moments, this could be the perfect style for you.


The documentary style also suits weddings where the couple wants to be fully present and engaged with their guests, without having to break away frequently for posed photos. The photographer works discreetly in the background, allowing the day's events to progress naturally.


In conclusion, Photojournalistic Wedding Photography offers a unique and sincere approach to capturing a wedding day. It's about telling a story – your story – through spontaneous and emotive moments, resulting in a series of images that encapsulate the raw, unfiltered essence of your wedding. For couples seeking an authentic, candid record of their day, filled with genuine emotion and personal moments, this style is an excellent choice.


Fine Art Wedding Photography

 Fine Art Wedding Photography is a unique style that goes beyond merely documenting the events of your wedding day. Instead, it brings a creative and artistic approach to each shot, treating every image as a standalone piece of art. This style is characterized by the intentional and thoughtful composition, lighting, and editing that transform ordinary wedding photos into visual masterpieces.


In fine art wedding photography, photographers apply their artistic vision and creativity to every aspect of their work. This extends from the way they use light, shadows, and colors to how they frame their shots and direct their subjects. The artistic approach allows them to capture not only the people and the events but also the mood, the atmosphere, and the aesthetic beauty of the wedding. They often have a keen eye for details, looking for unique angles, creative compositions, and beautiful moments that can be turned into works of art.


The end result of fine art wedding photography often has a dreamy, ethereal quality. Each photograph is meticulously edited and crafted to look like a piece of art, often resulting in a collection of images that are beautiful, emotional, and evocative. Unlike more traditional styles of wedding photography, fine art photographers focus less on capturing a comprehensive chronological record of the wedding day and more on creating a series of stunning, standalone images that could be proudly displayed in an art gallery.


There are several reasons why a couple might opt for fine art wedding photography

First, this style offers a unique and creative way to document their wedding day. The images produced through this style are often stunning and have a timeless quality that can be cherished for a lifetime. If you and your partner appreciate art and want your wedding photos to reflect your artistic sensibilities, fine art wedding photography might be an ideal choice.


Second, fine art wedding photography can add an element of luxury and sophistication to your wedding photos. The careful attention to detail, artistic compositions, and professional editing often result in images that look more like editorial shoots than traditional wedding photos. This can make your wedding photos feel more exclusive and high-end.


Third, opting for fine art wedding photography can give your wedding photos a unique and personal touch. Because this style relies heavily on the photographer's artistic vision, each fine art wedding photographer will have their unique style and approach. This means that your wedding photos will not only be beautiful but also unique to you and your wedding day.


In conclusion, Fine Art Wedding Photography offers an artistic and creative approach to capturing your wedding day. By treating each shot as a work of art, fine art wedding photographers can produce stunning, evocative images that truly capture the beauty and emotion of your special day. If you're looking for a unique, artistic way to document your wedding, this style might be the perfect fit.


Editorial Wedding Photography

 Editorial Wedding Photography is a photography style that draws inspiration from the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. It focuses on creating dramatic, high-fashion images that go beyond traditional wedding portraits. This style is all about staging, lighting, and creating the perfect scene to capture photographs that could easily grace the cover of a bridal magazine.


What sets Editorial Wedding Photography apart is its approach to the subjects and settings. Unlike traditional wedding photography that aims to document the wedding day's events as they naturally unfold, editorial style is all about creating meticulously planned and staged shots. The photographer works much like a director, guiding the couple and their wedding party into specific poses and setups, often taking extra time to adjust even the smallest details. The images are then usually post-processed to achieve a polished, magazine-worthy finish.


Another aspect that differentiates editorial style is the emphasis on fashion and glamour. The poses and settings are designed to highlight the beauty and elegance of the wedding outfits, accessories, and overall aesthetics. This means that the bride and groom are often photographed like models, with striking poses and dramatic setups that highlight their attire and the elegance of the wedding.


Editorial wedding photography might be ideal in scenarios where the couple has a strong interest in fashion and aesthetics and wants their wedding photos to reflect this. If you are drawn to the glamourous images you see in wedding magazines and want your wedding photographs to have the same high-fashion appeal, this style might be perfect for you.


It's also an excellent choice for couples who are comfortable in front of the camera and don't mind spending extra time on staged photo sessions. Keep in mind that, given the nature of this style, the photography sessions can take longer than with other styles, as the photographer will take the time to arrange perfect compositions and poses.


Moreover, this style is well-suited to elaborate and luxurious weddings. If your wedding includes stunning attire, extravagant decor, and a luxurious venue, then the editorial style can beautifully highlight these elements. It can capture the grandeur of a large wedding, the elegance of a black-tie event, or the chic style of a modern city wedding.


In conclusion, Editorial Wedding Photography offers a sophisticated, high-fashion approach to capturing your wedding day. With its focus on creating magazine-worthy images, this style can provide a glamorous and stylish record of your special day. If you want your wedding photographs to have the same polished, glamorous look as the bridal magazines you admire, then this could be the perfect style for you. Remember, the key to a successful editorial wedding shoot is a good rapport between the photographer and the couple, so make sure to communicate your desires and expectations to your photographer to ensure the best possible results.


 Dramatic Wedding Photography

 Dramatic Wedding Photography is a unique style that, as the name suggests, uses dramatic lighting techniques and compositions to create striking, atmospheric images. This style is all about capturing your wedding in a way that not only tells a story but evokes strong emotions, adds depth, and exudes a powerful, cinematic quality.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in Dramatic Wedding Photography. In contrast to styles like natural light photography, which rely on available sunlight, dramatic photography often involves the use of artificial lighting and the manipulation of natural light to create a particular mood or ambiance. Photographers working in this style may use techniques like back-lighting, side-lighting, or off-camera flash to emphasize contrast, shadow, and depth, or to highlight the couple against a stunning background. This careful control and manipulation of light can evoke a sense of romance, intensity, mystery, or even grandeur, depending on the desired effect.


In addition to lighting, composition is also crucial in this style. Dramatic wedding photographers seek unique angles, perspectives, and framing to create visually arresting images. They often incorporate elements of the environment or architecture in their compositions, resulting in images that are not only visually stunning but also tell a compelling story about the wedding day.


Couples might be drawn to Dramatic Wedding Photography for various reasons. If you are captivated by images that hold a sense of depth, intensity, or cinematic quality, this style could be perfect for you. This approach might also appeal to couples looking to make a bold visual statement with their wedding photos. The dramatic style is often used to great effect in grand venues such as stately homes, historic buildings, or even outdoor locations with impressive landscapes.


This style might also appeal to those who appreciate the art and technique behind photography. If you find yourself fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow and how it can be used to add depth and emotion to an image, you will likely appreciate the skilled lighting techniques used in dramatic wedding photography.


However, keep in mind that this style might require more time and planning compared to some other styles. The photographer will need to carefully plan and set up the lighting for each shot, and some poses or compositions might take longer to arrange. But if you're willing to invest this additional time, the result can be a collection of breathtaking, emotion-filled images that truly stand out.


In conclusion, Dramatic Wedding Photography offers a unique and powerful approach to capturing your wedding day. With its emphasis on lighting and composition, this style can create stunning, evocative images that truly capture the emotion and atmosphere of your special day. If you're looking for wedding photographs that go beyond the typical and venture into the realm of the extraordinary, dramatic wedding photography might be the perfect fit.



Vintage Style Wedding Photography

 Vintage Style Wedding Photography is a photography style that aims to capture the nostalgic charm of times past. This unique style uses various techniques, including specific color palettes, props, settings, and post-processing techniques, to imbue wedding photos with a warm, nostalgic, and timeless feel reminiscent of bygone eras.


The essence of Vintage Style Wedding Photography lies in its ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia and romance. This is often achieved through the use of muted color palettes, sepia tones, or black and white imagery, along with the incorporation of antique or vintage props and settings. This style often favors soft focus and natural light to create a warm, dreamy, and romantic feel that is characteristic of old photographs.


In terms of post-processing, vintage style photographers may employ various techniques to give photos an aged or distressed look. This can include adding grain or texture, reducing contrast, or applying filters to mimic the look of old film. The result is a collection of images that feel as though they've been plucked from a different era, possessing a timeless beauty that transcends trends.


The appeal of Vintage Style Wedding Photography to certain couples lies in its ability to create a timeless narrative of their wedding day. It's an excellent choice for couples who are planning a vintage-themed wedding or those who simply love the charm and romance associated with vintage aesthetics.


This style might particularly resonate with couples who appreciate the look and feel of old photographs and wish to incorporate that nostalgic charm into their wedding photos. The resulting images often have a whimsical, romantic quality that can make your wedding memories feel even more special and timeless.


Moreover, vintage style wedding photography can be a great fit for couples who want their wedding photos to stand out and resist the ever-changing trends. The vintage style, by its very nature, is timeless. Thus, your wedding photos will remain stylish and evocative, even as trends change over the years.


In conclusion, Vintage Style Wedding Photography offers a romantic, nostalgic approach to capturing your wedding day. It weaves the charm and sentimentality of times past into the fabric of your wedding photos, resulting in images that feel timeless and filled with romance. If you are drawn to the nostalgia, romance, and timeless beauty associated with vintage aesthetics, this style might be the perfect choice to encapsulate your special day.


Lifestyle Wedding Photography


Lifestyle Wedding Photography is a contemporary style that beautifully blends elements of photojournalism and traditional photography to capture authentic, candid moments while also incorporating some direction and styling. This approach aims to tell the story of your wedding day in a relaxed, authentic, and artistic manner, all while ensuring you and your partner look your absolute best.


In essence, Lifestyle Wedding Photography captures life as it happens, but with a little polish. While the photojournalistic aspect of this style focuses on candid moments and genuine emotions, the traditional element allows for some degree of posing and direction from the photographer. This results in natural-looking images that nonetheless showcase the subjects in their best light. The aim is to create images that feel candid, even if they've been subtly directed or styled.


Lifestyle photographers strive to capture the emotions, atmosphere, and details of your wedding day in a relaxed and unobtrusive manner. They allow the day to unfold naturally, capturing events as they happen, but they'll also step in when needed to ensure the best composition, lighting, and backdrop for your photographs. This often involves creating a fun, relaxed environment where you and your partner can be yourselves, resulting in authentic images that reflect your personalities and the unique dynamic of your relationship.


Lifestyle Wedding Photography might be an ideal choice for couples who want their wedding photos to look natural and candid, but also beautifully composed and flattering. If you are somewhat camera-shy or uncomfortable with the idea of posing for photos, this approach can help you feel at ease. The direction provided by a lifestyle photographer can help create more natural-looking poses and expressions, making for photographs that feel authentic and emotive.


Moreover, this style might appeal to couples who want their wedding photos to tell a story. The combination of candid moments and styled shots results in a diverse collection of images that capture the full range of emotions, events, and details of your wedding day. From the nervous anticipation of getting ready to the joy of the first dance, lifestyle photography encapsulates the complete narrative of your special day.


In conclusion, Lifestyle Wedding Photography offers a balanced, versatile approach to capturing your wedding day. Combining the best elements of photojournalism and traditional photography, this style can create a diverse collection of images that are candid, authentic, and beautifully composed. If you're seeking a photographic record of your wedding day that is as unique, dynamic, and personal as your own love story, lifestyle wedding photography might be the perfect fit.


 Natural Light (Outdoor) Wedding Photography

 Natural Light Wedding Photography, often paired with outdoor settings, is a style that relies on the sun's natural light rather than artificial lighting. This approach aims to capture the soft, warm hues of natural light to create beautiful, luminous images that feel bright, airy, and natural.


Natural light photographers use the unique characteristics of daylight, from the soft, diffused light of an overcast day to the golden hues of the golden hour, to enhance the beauty of their subjects. They are skilled at adjusting their techniques based on the time of day, weather, and location to ensure optimal lighting conditions. By skillfully leveraging the changing qualities of natural light, they can create images that feel warm, vibrant, and full of life.


One of the key benefits of Natural Light Wedding Photography is its ability to bring out the true colors and textures in a scene. Natural light often results in images that feel soft, warm, and authentic, as opposed to the harsher, more sterile light that can sometimes result from artificial lighting. This can make your wedding photos feel more genuine, emotive, and true to life.


Additionally, natural light is particularly effective when paired with outdoor settings. The varied landscapes, beautiful backdrops, and open skies found outdoors can add an additional layer of depth, drama, and beauty to your wedding photos. Whether it's a beach wedding at sunset, a forest ceremony beneath the towering trees, or a garden wedding surrounded by blooming flowers, outdoor settings provide endless opportunities for stunning, natural light photos.


Natural Light Wedding Photography is an excellent choice for weddings that take place in outdoor settings or venues with plenty of natural light, such as a glasshouse or a venue with large windows. If you're planning a daytime wedding, particularly in spring or summer, this style can beautifully capture the bright, airy atmosphere of your day.


Moreover, this style may appeal to couples who love the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of natural landscapes. If you're planning to include natural elements in your wedding—be it a seaside ceremony, a reception under the stars, or vows exchanged amidst lush gardens—this style can highlight the beauty of these elements in your photos.


In conclusion, Natural Light Wedding Photography offers a beautiful, authentic way to capture your wedding day. Leveraging the unique beauty of natural light, this style creates images that are vibrant, genuine, and full of life. If you're planning an outdoor wedding or simply love the soft, warm qualities of natural light, this photography style may be the perfect choice to encapsulate the magic of your special day.




In conclusion, each wedding photography style we've discussed - Traditional, Photojournalistic, Fine Art, Editorial, Dramatic, Vintage, Lifestyle, and Natural Light - holds its unique allure and characteristics. Whether it's the posed perfection of Traditional, the raw authenticity of Photojournalistic, the artistic vision of Fine Art, the magazine-like sophistication of Editorial, the bold intensity of Dramatic, the nostalgic charm of Vintage, the balanced candidness of Lifestyle, or the natural vibrancy of Natural Light, there's a style for every couple and every wedding.


Remember, the key to a satisfying result is aligning the chosen style with your personality and the theme of your wedding. Your wedding photos will be a lasting memory of your special day, so it's important that they reflect you as a couple. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of traditional photography or the dynamic spontaneity of the photojournalistic style, be sure to choose a style that resonates with you.


Lastly, as you embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding, take the time to research different photographers and consult with them about your preferred style. Look through their portfolios, discuss your vision, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Remember, this is your special day, and your chosen photographer should be able to capture it in a way that reflects your individual personalities and the unique love story you share. So, explore, engage, and get excited about the myriad possibilities that lie ahead for your big day!

At Soft Glass Photography, we're passionate about transforming your wedding day dreams into stunning photographic memories. Our commitment is to capture your unique love story through the lens, reflecting your personalities and the spirit of your special day. Whether you're envisioning a romantic vintage style or a vibrant outdoor setting, our expert team is ready to bring your vision to life. We invite you to reach out to us to discuss your wedding photography needs. Let Soft Glass Photography be a part of your journey and make your dream wedding memories a reality. Contact us today and let's start creating magic together!